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Welcome to the new edition of the Hunting Portal for Namibia, which has been known for many years.

Hunting Portal Namibia

Dear foreign hunters and interested parties!

For reasons of age, the founder of this portal, Mr. Peter Jupke, handed these pages over to us. We strive to continue it in his spirit and hope for your continued support.
Not all pages are active again at the moment. But you can explore this side a bit. The first providers are already listed.
And thanks again to Peter.

German version

As before this portal is also available in German. Please us this link:


One of the most important addresses when it comes to trophy hunting in Namibia is the umbrella organization of hunting providers: NAPHA.
There you will receive well-founded information, as well as a regular newsletter.

Our partner site

The extended range of tourism companies, e.g. car rental companies, lodges, or just the shuttle service can be found at Namibia Travel Online, for short. Also in German and English.

Space for another topic

Let's see what else we can put here.

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