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Hunting in Namibia has been going on for thousands of years, as we can see from the rock engravings. In 1962, some farmers started a project, which over the years has developed into a significant industry. Today trophy hunting is an effective form of land and nature use.

In 1974 the Professional Hunting Association (NAPHA) was founded, with now more than 400 members. Namibia's hunting opportunities are almost unlimited - adventurous tented camps, well-kept hunting and guest farms, comfortable safari camps in the state concession areas are just a few of the many options waiting for you.

The last 30 years of trophy hunting in Namibia, as well as the experiences of other countries in southern Africa in this context, have proven that the principle of sustainable use is of elementary importance for the preservation of the biological balance, and that this principle should be extended to wildlife. It is the only way to effectively carry out practical nature conservation, and of such importance that it is even enshrined in the Basic Law of our young democratic state.

Some European and American animal rights groups are under the impression that a ban on hunting is the "last resort" for wildlife. But we here in Africa, hunters and conservationists, are convinced through many years of experience and based on the results of scientific studies conducted, that it is hunting that makes a significant contribution to the conservation of wildlife. Only if the game has an economic value for the African population will they have an interest in its use and long-term conservation. If the game has no economic value for the population, cattle, sheep and goats will displace it from its habitat in the long term.

For you, dear hunter, this means that not only a unique hunting experience awaits you in Namibia. Through your visit you also make a very significant contribution to the conservation and stabilization of our species-rich fauna.

Preserving and stabilizing the livelihood of our wildlife is just one of our goals. It has been proven that in Africa, poverty and population growth are the greatest threats to wildlife. Devastation, desertification, overgrazing, deforestation of the natural tree population, bush encroachment and environmental pollution are only some of the serious consequences.

Conservation that is only focused on the goal of species preservation or is only aesthetically motivated is no longer appropriate today, given the socio-economic reality. Rather, it is appropriate to include the entire biophysical environment, i.e. the economic sphere of action of the game and natural resources must be developed in such a way that they lead to an increase in the standard of living of the native African population. The aim is to use naturally regenerable resources in a sustainable way, thus creating jobs, housing and training opportunities, i.e. promoting rural development without destroying the environment.

Not only you and we, dear hunters, should have the pleasure of enjoying hunting, it should also be preserved for many generations after us. We are therefore concerned to maintain our hunting customs at a high level. An impeccably practiced hunting ethic also takes the wind out of the sails of anti-hunting groups. The success of a hunt should be measured by the quality of the hunting and the way it is carried out. Hunting ethics can only be improved if every individual makes an effort. I would like to call on you, to be a fully conscious hunter in Namibia, observing four essential points of Namibian hunting ethics:
   1.  The principle of sustainable use of game.
    2. Hunting in our so diverse nature must be carried out according to fair principles.
    3. The hunter has a right to enjoy hunting.
    4. Hunting in our country should always be for the benefit of the local population and our environment.

Understanding these for us so important points will make your hunting vacation in Namibia only a true experience. Understanding connects, which is probably the reason why so many people infected by the famous "Africa virus" return to our beautiful country again and again.
The hospitality of our people awaits you, whether you come to our country as a loyal friend or a new guest. With us you can still hunt inexpensively on farms, game farms or in wide concession areas. We want you to be well informed, to feel comfortable and to fulfill your hunting wishes.

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